Wang Teng Thomas, director of new products for Xiaomi, posted a new post on the Weibo social network from some unspecified device. In the comments, users suggested that the message was sent from a phone, to which Wang Teng asked “who said it should be a phone.” Considering that Xiaomi is in full swing preparing the Mi Pad 5 tablets (they should be presented in August), apparently, it was this device that came at the disposal of Wang Teng Thomas.

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 tablet lit up in production.  One of the top managers of the company already uses it

Another confirmation that Mi Pad 5 is almost ready for release is a photo of the box with these tablets, also published on Weibo. Apparently, they were filmed somewhere in the production. The design from this angle is difficult to assess, but the connectors for connecting the accessories (keyboard) are clearly visible, and the camera, made in the spirit of Xiaomi Mi 11, is also visible.

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