The developers of the most repairable smartphone in the world, Fairphone 2, have released a long-awaited software update with the latest version of Android for the phone.

The world's most maintainable smartphone gets a new Android five years after its debut

Fairphone modular smartphones are not well known. However, it was Fairphone 2 and Fairphone 3 that were able to get 10 points out of 10 possible on the iFixit maintainability scale. No other smartphone has been able to achieve this. Thus, Fairphone 2 and Fairphone 3 can still be considered the most maintainable smartphones in the world.

Debuted at the end of 2015, Fairphone 2 originally ran Android 5. Now Android 9 Pie is available to users. Of course, Android 9 Pie isn’t the newest version of the OS either, but it’s noticeably better than the lack of updates.

This delay is due to the main feature of Fairphone 2. Adapting Android 9 Pie to the modular structure was not easy at all.

A total of 115,000 Fairphone 2 smartphones have been sold worldwide since their release five years ago. For FairPhone 3 and 3+ models, the developers have promised to release Android 11 in the second half of 2021.

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