Modern automatic machines have a reliable design and can serve for years without breakdowns. But sometimes they are troublesome – for example, when spinning, they make a lot of noise, make sounds of banging and move along the floor. Is there anything you can do about it? Of course yes.

Why does the washing machine jump when spinning?

During spinning, the drum of the washing machine spins up to high speed (up to 1600 rpm). That is, much faster than it spins during washing. That is why it begins to jump around the room in the spin mode.

This is due to imbalance. For perfect performance, your washing machine needs to distribute the laundry evenly over the surface of the drum. But this is not always possible – for example, if you wash your favorite teddy bear, it will create loads in a specific part of the drum. And, most likely, there will be an imbalance.

But why does the washing machine jump when spinning and regular laundry? And what to do to prevent this from happening. Check the points.

Make sure the transit bolts are removed.

Take a close look at the back of your washing machine. To prevent moving parts from dangling during transportation, they are fixed with bolts. When connecting the washing machine, these bolts must be unscrewed.

As practice shows, more than half of the cases of tangible imbalance (and, as a result, movements) are caused by the carelessness of users, who forget to unscrew the shipping bolts.

Place the car on a level

Ideally, the washing machine should be perfectly level and horizontal. In practice, it is simply taken out of the package and put in place. If an imbalance occurs frequently during spinning, check that your machine is level.

When washing large items, add small

Take the situation with the same beloved bear. To balance the drum on the other side, you can put other things in it. Then the likelihood of an imbalance will be much less.

Also try not to use laundry bags unnecessarily. A tightly packed bag, firstly, does not allow you to wash things in it with high quality, and, secondly, it again creates a point load on the drum.

Use anti-vibration pads

These are produced for refrigerators and washing machines. Due to the thick rubber layer, they absorb vibration and possibly help the washing machine stay in place. But keep in mind that such supports only deal with the consequences, and it would be good for you to understand the causes of the imbalance.

Reduce spin speed

If there is no other way out (or nothing helps), try simply reducing the spin speed in the washing machine to the minimum. The clothes will stay wetter, but the drum speed will be lower and the imbalance will not be as noticeable.

Tip for the future: buy a car with auto-balancing

Many modern washing machines have an auto-balancing function. It works like this: if the sensors in the tank detect signs of imbalance, a special mode is activated, and the drum sequentially scrolls in one direction or the other. This helps to distribute the laundry evenly over the surface, thereby reducing the likelihood of imbalance. This function is available in models of almost all well-known manufacturers – for example, LG.

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