The US Tightens Restrictions On Huawei’S Access To Technology And Chips

Chinese telecommunications giant was blacklisted by the U.S. Department of Commerce last May

The Trump administration today announced further tightening of sanctions on Huawei Technologies aimed at restricting its access to commercially available chips.

As you know, back in May last year, the Chinese telecommunications giant was blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce, having lost the ability to purchase products and services from American companies. This year, the Americans tightened the restrictions, requiring that even foreign companies apply for permission to cooperate with Huawei if they use American software or hardware.

The current measures are intended to discourage the Chinese company from trying to circumvent these restrictions. The Commerce Minister said the restrictions “forced [Huawei] to take some workarounds by working through third parties.” According to Reuters, the administration will also add 38 additional Huawei branches in 21 countries to the blacklist, bringing the total number of branches on the list to 152.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the rule change “will not allow Huawei to circumvent US law through alternative chip manufacturing and off-the-shelf chip procurement

Source: Reuters

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