A video has been published on YouTube describing the story of a user of the Oppo A53 smartphone, which exploded right in his pocket. As a result, the rear panel of the device is completely burnt out.

The user himself received burns after this incident. Judging by what was left of the smartphone, the explosion was strong enough. Oppo has not made any official statements on this yet.

The smartphone was shattered by the explosion right in the user's pocket.  This Oppo A53 with 5000mAh battery is still under warranty

The victim says that he bought the Oppo A53 smartphone in August last year, which means that it is still under warranty. The user also claims to have only used the phone to browse the web and make calls.

The video also says that the owner of the smartphone used the original charger, which was included in the standard package.

Recall that this smartphone received a 5000 mAh battery with support for 18-watt charging.

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