The Intel CEO said the chip shortage that is plaguing the world could last much longer than previously thought. Pat Gelsinger believes the worldwide semiconductor shortage could continue for several years.

Earlier, the executive director of the company said that the shortage of microcircuits will last at least two years. According to Reuters, the Intel leader said at a virtual session at Computex Trade in Taipei that the trend of remote work and online learning driven by the coronavirus pandemic has led to “a cycle of explosive growth in semiconductor demand.” This has put a huge strain on existing global supply chains.

The shortage of chips can last for years.  So says the head of Intel Pat Gelsinger

While the industry has taken steps to remove short-term constraints, it may take several years for the ecosystem to address the lack of manufacturing capacity and components.

Pat Gelsinger

He added that Intel plans to expand to other regions in the US and Europe, providing a resilient and secure semiconductor supply chain around the world.

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