The Samsung Galaxy M32 smartphone is getting closer to entering the market. The device was lit up in the Geekbench database, thanks to which its platform became known.

The Samsung Galaxy M32 is a huge battery and a small step back in performance.  The platform of the device has become known
Galaxy M31

Galaxy M32 will be based on SoC MediaTek Helio G80. The same platform is at the heart of the Galaxy A32, but smartphones will definitely not be complete copies, since the latter’s battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh, while the new item will have a cell with a capacity of 60,000 mAh. In this case, the rest of the smartphones may well be almost identical.

Helio G80 is not the freshest platform with performance at the level of Snapdraton 665. At the same time, the same Exynos 9611 SoC, which was installed in the Galaxy M31, is even a little faster, that is, the new model will be slightly inferior in performance to the old one, although the difference there is not critical.

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