The International Data Corporation (IDC) has released the latest forecast for the global market for personal computers (desktops and laptops) and tablets, including those with a dockable keyboard.

It is noted that the pandemic has given a significant boost to the industry. Distance work and distance learning are driving further growth in computer hardware sales globally.

Analysts expect global notebook and desktop shipments to rise 18.2% year on year in the current quarter. At the end of the year, overall growth is projected at around 11.2%, and the volume of the industry in piece terms will reach 291.3 million units.

The increase in supplies will also continue in 2021, with the industry showing 1.4 percent growth. After that, however, a decline is expected: as a result, in 2024, the volume of shipments will amount to 281.5 million units.


As for tablets, in this segment by the end of this year, IDC predicts a 10 percent increase in shipments – up to 158.9 million units. A decrease will follow this in demand, and by 2024, the market volume will be reduced to 129.8 million units.

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