BMW presented liftback i4. The path from concept to production version of the electric car has passed in just a year, having undergone a few changes that helped the car look more realistic.


The car turned out to be longer and narrower than its main competitor Tesla Model 3: 4783 × 1852 × 1448 mm with a wheelbase of 2856 mm versus 4694 × 2088 × 1436 mm and 2875 mm of the wheelbase of the “American”.

The drag coefficient is not a record for electric cars in general, or for BMW in particular: 0.24d. Even the usual “three” has models with 0.23d.

The door handles are deliberately recessed into the doors. It also helps aerodynamics. By the way, you can open the car using your smartphone:

“Nostrils”, more reminiscent of the teeth of a beaver or a gopher, look quite organic in the new i4. For example, I have no questions for them at all:

In the context of the whole car, they look quite natural.

Immediately presented by the i4 in the M50 version. It shows the appearance of the “em” and its variants:

In the “base” the electric car will receive LED headlights. Adaptive BMW Laserlight will be optional.

The salon is not very different from the petrol BMW:

But there are still differences. For example, the dashboard is combined with a single plane with multimedia:

And so – all the same BMW:

The trunk is impressive for a relatively small car:

Its volume is 470 liters. And if you fold the rear row of seats (proportions 40:20:40), then the useful volume will be increased to 1290 liters.


While the car is presented in two versions:

BMW i4 eDrive40
BMW i4 M50
Power and torque250 kW (340 hp equivalent) and 430 Nm400 kW (544 hp equivalent) and 795 Nm
Drive unitRearFull
Acceleration to 100 km / h5.7 seconds3.9 seconds
Maximum speed190 km / h225 km / h
Battery capacity83.9 kWh83.9 kWh
Travel range (WLTP)590 km510 km

Despite the battery capacity of 83.9 kWh, 80.7 kWh is used for driving. The rest is for servicing various vehicle systems. If you use a 200 kW charger, then from 10 to 80% the car will be charged in about half an hour. A conventional 11 kW charging station will charge the car for more than eight hours.

The engineers managed to position the electrical components quite low, which moved the center of gravity down 53 mm.

Air suspension on the rear axle is immediately available in the database. A McPherson is installed in the front, a “five-lever” in the back.

BMW i4 received ventilated brake discs, and four-piston mechanisms on the front wheels. However, it is possible to configure the recuperation system so that it is sufficient to use only the accelerator pedal. The recuperation power of the eDrive40 is 116 kW, while the M50 has 195 kW.

Prices and availability

BMW i4 will be produced in Munich. The cars will be delivered to the first buyers in November this year. In Germany, the price for a rear-wheel drive eDrive40 will be more than 58 thousand euros (about 5.2 million rubles at the current exchange rate), and for the M50 they will ask for almost 70 thousand euros (about 6.3 million rubles).

In Russia, the BMW i4 will also be on sale, but neither the date of the start of sales nor the price is yet known.

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