Nintendo unexpectedly unveiled its new Switch game console yesterday. And, unfortunately, it can be called new only conditionally.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED might just be a

The box retains the design, but has a larger OLED display and a number of other improvements. However, Nintendo didn’t say a word about the platform yesterday, other than mentioning that it was still Nvidia’s decision.

And now we have the details. Nintendo confirmed to a source that the new Switch did not receive a new platform, nor did it get additional RAM. That is, the Switch OLED presented yesterday is just an updated and slightly improved regular Switch. And it certainly isn’t the same Switch Pro that has been rumored about.

The fate of the latter is still unknown. It can be assumed that such a console will still be released in the foreseeable future, since the performance of the current Swich is still very limited, and new multiplatform games are being created with the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in mind.

Some experts are also inclined to this scenario.

This new set-top box looks more like a temporary model to me than a real update. This could just be a bogus update until Breath Of The Wild 2 is ready and the component shortage ends next year.

industry analyst Serkan Toto

I’ve only personally heard so far about 2022 for the Switch Pro. And if that still happens, I’ll continue to speculate that there will be 4K support with a significantly more efficient DLSS chip.

VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb

Nintendo also added that the new dock will be available separately and will be compatible with previous Switch versions.

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