The famous Hermitage, the state museum in St. Petersburg, announced interesting news. Against the background of the excitement around NFT authentication tokens, the Hermitage workers decided to hold the first exhibition of digital art in Russia in the NFT format.

The Hermitage will hold the first exhibition of digital art in Russia in the NFT format

The NFT-Art exhibition will take place in 2021, but the exact date has not yet been announced. The museum’s contemporary art department is working on the exhibition. Aksenov Family Foundation will be the strategic partner of the project.

The exhibition will be held within the framework of the Hermitage 20/21 project and will be a continuation of the museum’s work on new forms of art, which began within the framework of the exhibitions Innovation as an Artistic Technique (2018) and Artificial Intelligence and Dialogue of Cultures (2019) together with RDI.Creative and seminars of the Hermitage with ITMO University.

Recall that NFT tokens allow you to confirm the uniqueness of digital art objects or just digital objects. Recently, a virtual home on Mars, a Nyan Cat animation, a first Twitter post, a digital collage and a 10-second video clip have been sold as collectibles.

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