The CEO of Renesas Electronics said at today’s meeting of shareholders that the recent fire at the chip factory will have a “huge” impact on financial performance in the short term. However, the medium-term impact was described as limited.

The head of Renesas said the financial impact of the fire will be

Earlier, the Japanese chipmaker said it would take at least 100 days to get production back to normal at the affected facility.

Yesterday it became known that the Japanese government has called on some Taiwanese companies to help with the production of certain types of semiconductor products.

Renesas is one of the largest suppliers of microcontrollers. A fire at a factory in Naka, Japan, on March 19, is expected to exacerbate the chip shortage that has plagued many industries, most notably the automotive industry. Due to the shortage of microcircuits, automakers are suspending conveyors one by one.

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