The Funniest Posters Ever Spotted on the Streets

Posters on lamp posts and walls can be surprising and sometimes provide an unexpected laugh. We have found the most amusing ones. Whether you are selling something, looking for a missing pet or just keen to make complete strangers laugh, street posters are an effective way to grab attention. This is an old school method of attracting attention and how we shared things before the days of the World Wide Web. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest posts spotted on the street.

Liking My Post

Although trolling isn’t popular among digital marketers, it can be a fun way of getting a giggle. You don’t need to troll digitally though. If you have a printer and some tape, you can see how many ‘likes’ you can get. So forget Facebook likes and instead consider getting likes the old-fashioned way instead.

It looks like someone already had the first like though, but since this kind of trolling is anonymous you won’t know who that was.

Found a Band

Never mind all those 20 dollar bills you misplaced. What you really want back is the rubber band holding them in place! Fortunately some very helpful and eagle-eyed citizen seems to have found it. Well, the rubber band at least.

This good Samaritan might have treated himself to an unexpected shopping spree on someone else’s dime but at least he didn’t steal the rubber band. 

Yes is the Word

Everyone needs some positive words or encouragement sometimes and the word ‘yes’ is one of the strongest words there is. Some decided the world needed more positivity and created this poster for those in need of a boost.

Embrace the day, stay positive and grab a ‘yes’ printed on a piece of paper. That’s one way to put a smile on your face. If the poster is a true troll however, maybe they decided to put a ‘no’ on the reverse!

Lost Unicorn

Oh no, someone lost their unicorn! But there’s more to this post than meets the eye. Apparently the poster is calling out anyone who is ‘high’ since that’s the only way they would spot this mythical beast.

There is no phone number to call if you do spot the missing creature though. So whether you spot the unicorn, Bigfoot or maybe the Loch Ness monster, who are you going to call?

Whose Bird is This?

All this poster wanted to do was return this bird to its rightful owner. Not only could he not discover the bird’s name though, he also doesn’t seem to be having much luck finding those owners. The mean pigeon is apparently terrorizing the man’s daughter as well as his dog. 

If you check out the listed website though, you’ll find the guy has created many more posters similar to this one. He certainly seems to be lucky finding lost animals!

Anyone Seen a Guinea Pig?

Some animals really suit their names. Either they’re named for the way they look or a certain behavior they have or they grow into their names. Take Maximum Decimus Meridius, for example. This warrior guinea pig is missing. Perhaps he’s off to fight as a gladiator or found some other wild adventure. If you do spot this missing pet though, it’s probably best to pretend you didn’t. Else he might decide to take his less-than-friendly manner out on you!

This heroic pet could be pretty much anywhere. Let’s hope he returns home soon. We are sure he’ll get a true hero’s welcome!

Best Avoid the Wormhole

Despite the fact this wormhole is lost, it’s probably better if it stays lost. Nothing good ever came from messing around with the space/time continuum. Have you never seen ‘Back to the Future’? Sometimes it’s best just to leave the past in the past. Try to meddle with this random wormhole and maybe you will get stuck inside the poster too!

Lost wormholes should probably stay lost. Unless you’re a huge Stephen Hawking fan or you have an astrophysicist with you, it’s probably a good idea not to go in search of this wormhole.

Wanted (Dead and Alive)

It seems that Erwin Schrodinger might have mislaid his feline pal. He’d like it returned both dead AND alive and preferably in the box it might (or might not) still be inside. So if you discover a cat which is both dead and alive, you might have found this missing animal. The ‘dead’ part would probably put us off though. We might choose to leave this cat wherever we find it.

Wait. Take another peek at this missing cat poster. Judging by the size of this moggy he might not have wandered off very far at all. Who do you think you’re calling fat, he is wondering, I am just a bit fluffy!

It’s a Deal

All you have to do to score yourself one canine is teach somebody how to play the trombone (or ‘trobmone’ as he’s spelled it). Apparently this guy wants to impress his wife, although we can’t help but wonder how impressed she is going to be when she realizes the dog is missing.

So why does this guy want to play the trombone in the first place? Is his wife a trombone fan? Toby the dog probably isn’t. We think he prefers bones to trombones!

That’s Not a Cat

Paul is probably still waiting for the phone call thanking him for rescuing someone’s beloved ‘cat’. He seems to be a good Samaritan, rescuing the hapless animal from the scary world out there. He’s probably still looking after it, waiting for a phone call that will never come and maybe even still trying to house-train the animal (we mean cat, of course).

We have a niggling feeling Paul is in for a shock when he realizes what he’s invited home.

Not Giving Him Back

People who lose dogs, cats or other pets often decide to put up posters in their town or city, just in case anyone has spotted the animal somewhere it shouldn’t be. After all, this is one of the best ways to get a lost animal back, especially if you include that magical word ‘reward’ somewhere on the poster.

But what if you are the finder and you find a canine homie to add to your pack, and what if you can’t bear to be parted with him? Well at least the owner can be happy his ex-pet is being looked after.

Anything But the DMV

Having spent time at the DMV before, we can fully appreciate why this poster is not in any rush to go back there again. Who wants to sit around waiting for hours anyway? Certainly not us. Although this guy might be making out the Department of Motor Vehicles is even worse than it is, we can totally understand his reasoning. 

Let’s just hope whoever finds the wallet has made a trip to the DMV at least once before and can therefore sympathizer with whoever lost his wallet. The finder is welcome to keep any money in there but please return the driver’s license!

Printers Can Suck

We’ve all been there, faced with a terrible printer than simply refuses to print properly regardless of what you do. You can tell from the poster that the guy who wants rid of this annoying device has a point. It’s legible but only just. We would probably just want to lob this printer out of the windows, but maybe someone somewhere wants to but it as a present for someone they can’t stand perhaps.

This isn’t one of those faked posters. It actually must have been printed by a terrible printer. Well we aren’t in need of a new printer, especially not that particular one!

Smoking Cat

Telling folks what to do often leads to them to do the exact opposite. Humans can be contrary like that! However, this poster had a novel approach to getting folks to take their waste with them and not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Because if they do, the cat will smoke them!

People like it when you make them laugh and they’re more likely to do what you want because you’re asking in a humorous way. 

Look Out for the Ninja

Ninja warriors are known for being sneaky and elusive as well as deadly. As soon as you spot one, that usually means your time’s up because no way could you outrun one of these guys. It’s probably best not to be seen reading this poster either, just in case that’s how ninjas are finding people! So move on, don’t think of ninjas and don’t talk about them either.

Even whoever created this poster seems to have vanished. Scary!

Dangerous Turtle on the Run

Not only has this guy lost his pet turtle but he seems to think the little fellow might have run off with his nunchucks as well. Turtles and nunchucks are never a good combination. We wonder whether he’s run off to become the fifth member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So if you see a very slow but apparently also highly dangerous turtle, beware. He might not look dangerous at first glance but appearances can be deceptive!

Looking for Lionel?

Lionel Ritchie really isn’t that hard to find. Just take a look at this poster and there he is. If you don’t know the lyrics to this popular song from the 1980s, just tear off one piece of the poster at a time until you reach the end of the song.

Apparently, according to a local folk tale, Lionel Richie himself will magically appear as soon as you finish the song. Let’s try it out and see!

Very Punny

Whoever put this poster up must have though people need more humor in their lives. And he could well be correct! This pun-master has found something punny (ahem, funny) for passersby to have a giggle at. 

We think the puns are ‘tearable’ but that doesn’t necessary mean they’re also terrible. In fact, this one brought a smile to our face when we spotted it. We hope you are similarly tickled.

Losing Yourself

What happens if you lose your cell phone and it has all your life’s details in it? Does that mean the only method to find yourself again is to put your contacts on to lamp posts? We can’t help but wonder whether people who spot the poster are only going to steal the contacts and that means everyone you know!

So the best thing to do in such a situation might be to keep a firm hold on your phone. Or on second thoughts get a tattoo on your hand of all your contacts. Then you can’t possibly lose them. Well, unless you happen to lose your hand as well.

Droid Spotting

Have you spotted any droids around recently? Take a closer look to ensure they aren’t the lost droids on this poster. Whoever created this is clearly a big Star Wars fan. We just don’t  know whether or not he’s really lost some droids.

If you do spot them, it’s not clear what to do. After all, the poster says they aren’t the correct droids. So best to just ignore them then.

A Horse of Course

This guy not only found a beautiful horse but decided it was going to be his new friend and no way was he giving it back. Clearly the previous owner took his eye off it for more than a second. But how is it possible to lose such a massive animal?

So what exactly do if you happen to find a horse? Not everyone has stables or a farm to put it on, certainly not us! However, if you do recognize this horse as yours, don’t bother calling the guy who made the poster. He’s going to keep it!

Frodo Lost His Ring

Just how difficult is it to keep a ring safe? Well that largely depends on whether your name is Frodo Baggins or not. That hobbit probably made Gandalf regret his decision. However, if you are kinder than Gollum and keep to help a hobbit in need, keep a look out for this special ring and take part in the quest to save the whole of Middle Earth. This could even be somebody’s wedding ring. It certainly seems to cause the wearer to be invisible which can be a useful skill to have.

Something that does concern us is the ‘malevolence’ it might cause. This is presumably what will happen to the guy when his wife finds out he mislaid it!

Picture Paw-Fect

Not everyone is as good as drawing as, say, Rembrandt. Art is very subjective these days, after all. So what would you do if you lost your precious pet and didn’t have a picture of him or her? Well the obvious solution would be to sketch your beloved feline instead. Just take a look at this masterpiece.

So if you see this peculiar looking creature with forked back feet, follow him home. You won’t be able to phone the artistic owner because he didn’t leave his deets on the poster. Oops!

Roar like Chewbacca

If you can roar you might like to enter this Chewbacca contest. You don’t even have to dance or sing. Somewhere there must be an audience who likes nothing more than the sound of roaring in in the morning.

Katy Perry even penned a song about roaring. If this also happens to be a special talent of yours, you could win 50 dollars if you happen to be the best roarer of all!

Lost Mosquito Alert

Poor Aaron not only carries malaria and the West Nile virus simultaneously but he has a 3-day life expectancy too. That’s why it’s so critical that he’s found so he can at least enjoy his last hours in peace. However, since he only has a few hours left, the search better get started and quick!

Don’t make poor Aaron spend his final hours all alone with no company and no one to bite either. Let’s look at for the little skeeter and try to make his last hours as nice as possible for the poor little fella.

That’s Some Drummer

Look at this. There is a local progressive rock band seeking a new drummer. The old one found a new girlfriend and quit. 

This role isn’t open to amateurs however. You have to be a seasoned drumming professional. If you can’t do boom boom badda boom, you probably won’t get invited to join the band.

Four Missing Digits

This is for sure a serious problem and one that needs an expert detective. Is Sherlock Holmes available? Perhaps he can figure out where the missing digits have gone. He can at least ask a few questions anyway. After all, clues help to solve mysteries. So where could the numbers be?

They’re usually in the last place you decide to look. Elementary, my dear Watson!

Ladder Loss

We aren’t sure how exactly someone could lose a ladder. They are pretty large. Maybe a thief grabbed it and ran off with it. Has your next door neighbor had a flickering light lately that you’ve spotted through the window? Maybe he or she decided to replace that annoying bulb with some assistance in the height department.

Something we can’t quite figure out though is the reward. Is that pesos? $500 just seems a lot. We think he could buy another ladder (or three) with that!

Something’s Missing

Take half a poster away and it won’t be much good to anyone. This one has half a phone number, half a description and, well, half the paper missing. We wonder where that other half could have got to.

We all know what it’s like to miss your other half, so if you happen to find the other half of this poster somewhere, do a favor for someone and tape the second half back on. We are sure the guy who posted this will be grateful.

Stooping Low

Just look at this delightful, stony set of stairs. How professionally they are made. How smooth they are. What a great place to rest your weary bones and sip a lemonade, watching the world go by. Well someone has decided to sell their stoop, so if this looks like something you need, get there quick before it disappears! 

Don’t tell the landlord though. He seems to be a bit possessive of his stoop – probably of the remainder of the house as well. So head over between 6 and 9pm and grab yourself a bargain.

Good Dog

Or not good dog, as the case may be. Take Klaus for example. This pooch has a gleam in his eye. Maybe he wants to play ball or to gnaw on a brand new bone. Or it could be he just wants to rip your face off. Down, boy.

So what are you going to do if you happen to come across this particular pooch? According to the owner it’s best not to get too close to him and to get in touch with animal control instead so they can ‘take care of’ him. Let’s hope that’s the Mary Poppins sense of the word, and not the Godfather one. Poor Klaus.

Here is Rihanna

This might be the best use of a Rihanna song, or at least the best we have seen lately, or even today. Pass by this poster and you are bound to burst into song right away. And Rihanna’s songs are nothing if not catchy.

So gather around and take a close look at this post. If it’s raining you can even come under my umbrella-ella-ella…

Friend Gone AWOL

Something appears to have gone a bit awry at March 21’s polka rave. Vince and Steve were on their way home when something unspeakable happened with an ice cream. Vince has finally admitted he’s ready to apologize although Steve is missing. Will he ever be found?

We all know a Steve though, don’t we? Perhaps the Steve you know is the guy Vince is looking for. Pass on the message that all is forgiven (even ice cream-gate) and he is welcome to rejoin his buddy again.

Where’s My Bike?

Someone seems to have made off with this guy’s brand new bike and he doesn’t seem very happy about it. This rather personal message was written by someone who seems pretty sure he isn’t going to see his bike again anytime soon. In fact, he doesn’t even want it back. He would much prefer the thief to have an accident on it.

Take a look at the bike in the picture though. Perhaps you will see someone out and about on this bike (although it might look slightly different).

Down with Popular Music

Many people say music from the *insert decade year* was much better than today’s paltry offerings. Maybe you even agree with this sentiment yourself. Whoever decided to print and put this poster up seems to dislike modern music and wants to remind us all about how good music used to be.

Lost Pooch

This one looks kind of serious. That is up until the last line anyway. Let’s hope this is just a joke and the poor mutt never went missing in the first place.

This one put a smile on our face anyway. Isn’t it weird how many things do taste like chicken? Well, maybe not hotdogs.

Car Impersonator for Hire

This is certainly very new and different. How many vehicle impersonators do you know? This poster offers a mere peek at the man’s obviously excellent talent. Just imagine the possibilities. The kids can name any car and drive it, all for one price.

So which car are you going to challenge him to do first? This looks like good, wholesome fun for the whole family, and certainly makes an exciting change from yet another clown making animals out of balloons. Don’t delay, call now! He’s sure to be booked up fast!

Boat Friend Wanted

This is certainly an unusual advert. Someone with a broken heart has decided the only way to get himself out of his current funk is construct something. Perhaps he lives near the ocean or at least a lake, since he wants to build a boat. That certainly makes a change from some conventional travel or a rebound fling. However, this mariner wannabe doesn’t have enough space to build his boat. He also wants a boating buddy.

If you have itchy feet as well as some garage space, give him a call. Who knows what kind of adventures all this will end in?

Burglar Tip

The poster might have been put up by someone who wanted to catch a burglar or it might have been created by someone who really doesn’t have a clue. Hopefully it is the first version else somebody might be coming home to no TV, no DVD player, no … well, you get the picture.

We would have been curious what would happen at 5PM when this ‘genius’ happened to get home to find everything missing. We bet he wouldn’t have been a happy camper anyway!

Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl is a real thing. In fact, it is sponsored by Pedigree and is held around the same time as the Super Bowl. However this man’s wife doesn’t seem to want to watch either one. In fact she’d much prefer to watch Madonna.

If you are able to tape the show for this man, we are sure he will be very grateful. Maybe you can even be credited for saving his marriage. Either way, his wife will be very happy she can watch Madonna in peace.

Spilling the Beans

We think maybe there is an interesting tale behind this poster. Maybe the guy had a miserable time growing up and he wants to spill the beans about Santa to make himself feel better. However, little kids who still believe in Santa might not know how to read, which means the target audience aren’t even going to find out Santa isn’t real (shush).

‘What is he saying?’ some little kids strolling past might ask their parents. They can make something up on the spot instead of revealing the truth about the friendly, white-bearded gift bringer.

No Parking Yesterday

This is tricky to get your brain around. Time Cop isn’t being very useful here though. Because his warnings come too late, they are of no use to anybody. Actually this neighborhood might not be lucky in that regard whatsoever. They seem to be wasting their money on a Time Cop who’s as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Perhaps the future will yield a superior version of Time Cop, at least one who knows how to predict the future not just the past. That would be a great way of avoiding those pesky parking tickets. Another idea would be, well, learning where you can and cannot park.

So have you seen any funny posters in your neighborhood lately? Perhaps you spotted something which brought a smile to your face or even caused a full belly laugh. You might think some people don’t have much to do but the truth is there are plenty of funny folk who also love to make others laugh by sharing the fun!