The developers of the highly popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will soon finally close the shareware version of PUBG Lite.

The free version of PUBG will soon be completely closed

The project’s website has now announced:

Unfortunately, after a long debate, we had to make a difficult decision and stop supporting the project. Our journey is coming to an end. We are sorry to announce that support for PUBG LITE will end on April 29, 2021. ”

Since March 30, 2021, the main page of the game has already been closed and the possibility of new downloads has been disabled. In the meantime, existing users can still play it. And this will last until April 29, when gamers will no longer have a choice – they will have to switch to either full-fledged PUBG for PC, or PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS.

PUBG Lite is a shareware version of the game aimed at low-powered PCs that can’t handle full PUBG. The PUBG Lite variation is more like the mobile version, but with a separate rank system and game base.

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