The US Patent and Trademark Office has released information on new Apple technology that should improve the durability and reliability of flexible displays.

One of the most unsafe places in flexible displays is where they bend, where cracks and broken pixels can appear. Apple decided to use an extra hard layer to fill in the cracks that occur to prevent more damage.

It is planned to use “filler particles in a polymer matrix” in this layer. In addition, this extra layer will better protect against impact damage, not just scratches.

The flexible screen of the new iPhone will be reliably protected
Unofficial render

Rumor has it that Apple is currently testing prototypes of flexible iPhones in various form factors. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims the flexible iPhone could come out in 2023. Another insider, Jon Prosser, believes that Apple’s first foldable smartphone will launch in September 2022. The flexible panels will be supplied by Samsung, with Apple finally dropping the famous bangs that house the front camera and earpiece. Both sources have proven to be excellent for Apple news leaks.

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