“Marvel-Distribution” is preparing to launch into production a smartphone based on the domestic operating system “Aurora”. The launch of production should take place in the summer, and the first smartphone may come out in the fall, – reports Kommersant

It is assumed that smartphones will be in demand in the public and commercial sectors, but for sale to ordinary consumers, they will not reach. The devices will be manufactured under the F + Pro brand, and the main partner is the GS Group, which produces set-top boxes for Tricolor.

The development of smartphones will be carried out by its own R&D division “Marvel Distribution”, but the components will be supplied by Chinese and Taiwanese suppliers. Among others is the company MediaTek, which supplies systems-on-a-chip. In the future, according to the plans of Marvel Distribution, the company plans to localize the production of smartphones in the Russian Federation as much as possible. This will help to include smartphones in the register of domestic products of the Ministry of Industry and Trade – from this list, the public sector is obliged to purchase devices for professional use.

At the request of the customer, either the Aurora OS or Android will be installed on the smartphone.

What kind of “Aurora”?

This operating system is called domestic, although its roots are Finnish.

Previously, “Aurora” was called Sailfish OS. It was developed by the Jolla company, founded by immigrants from the same Nokia. The first smartphone on Sailfish OS was announced in 2012 and came out a year later.

Russia appears in the history of this operating system in 2016. Jolla then licensed Sailfish OS for the Open Mobile Platform. And the WMD Ermak was announced:

This smartphone ran on Sailfish Mobile OS RUS, an operating system developed jointly with Finnish and Russian developers.

Then the Jolla company was bought out by the owner of the ESN group and RBC Grigory Berezkin. Since then, the Finnish operating system has become Russian. Which allowed it to be called “domestic operating system”.

In 2019, the operating system received its current name – “Aurora”. It is being developed by the same Open Mobile Platform, which has been owned by Rostelecom since 2019.

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