The thematic resource / Leaks published a schematic image of the Xiaomi K82 tablet computer – it is known that this index designates the models of the Mi Pad 5 line. An insider with an impeccable reputation posted the picture: there are not many leaks on his account – only 12, but all of them are 100 percent confirmed … Thus, the picture below is the first reliable image of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5.

The first reliable image of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5

As you can see, Mi Pad 5 turned out to be quite thin, but the screen frames cannot be called ultra-small. The main camera is made in the spirit of Xiaomi Mi 11 and is represented by two modules. There are four loudspeakers – two on the top and bottom edges. The front camera will probably be dual, and on the side there will be contacts for connecting accessories (primarily the keyboard). The premiere of Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 is expected in August – along with the flagship Mi Mix 4 and the new MIUI 13 firmware.

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