According to the latest information from insiders, Apple will unveil the MacBook Air with an M2 system-on-a-chip in the first half of 2022. The company also plans to release new MacBook Pros based on the M1X chip this fall. We understand what is known about the systems.

The Apple M1X chip will receive eight powerful cores and four energy efficient ones. The number of graphics cores will be doubled or even quadrupled.

The Apple M2 chip will receive fewer cores, but thanks to the transition to the 3nm process technology, the frequencies will become higher. M2 devices will have passive cooling, while M1X devices will have active cooling.

But there is also absolutely opposite data: in the fall, two chips will be shown at once: M2 is the older one, and M1X will be a continuation and improvement of the existing M1.

If Apple chooses the first path, then how to explain to users that the chip with the number 1 is more powerful than the chip with the number 2 in the name. There may be confusion and misunderstanding on the part of buyers.

This option is also possible: in the first half of the year, a “basic” MacBook Air with a new M2 chip will be released, and in the fall they will show Pro-versions of notebooks with a pumped-over M2X. And so from year to year, only the figure will change.

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