The Parker Solar Probe spacecraft, created to study the Sun at close range, once again broke its own speed record, remaining the fastest man-made object.

The fastest human-made object.  Parker Solar Probe reaches a speed of about 150 km / s

A few days ago, in the process of the next approach to the Sun, the probe passed from the star at a distance of only 10 million km, which approximately corresponds to seven diameters of our star. At the same time, the speed at its peak reached an incredible 150 km / s (relative to the Sun)! For comparison, the device New Horizons at one time set a record, moving at a speed of just over 16 km / s. Of course, the Parker Solar Probe’s record is due to the fact that it uses gravitational maneuvers around the Sun, and the same New Horizons developed its speed solely thanks to the engine.

For Parker Solar Probe, the set record should not be the last. The device made only eight orbits of the Sun out of the planned 24. At the end of its mission, the probe should approach the star at a distance of about 6.2-6.4 million km and develop a speed of about 200 km / s.

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