The Apple M1 single-chip system turned out to be very successful. It demonstrates high performance and provides the company’s laptops with excellent autonomy.

The excellent energy efficiency of the Apple M1 SoC at one time seemed to one of the company's specialists a mistake

As it turned out, at one time even the Apple experts themselves were surprised at the energy efficiency of the new platform. This was announced by Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of marketing.

When we saw this first system and then sat and played with it for several hours and the battery didn’t move, we thought, “Oh, this is a bug, the battery indicator is broken.” And then Tim laughed in the background, “No, that’s the way it should be.” And it was pretty phenomenal

Considering multiple tests, where MacBooks with Apple M1 demonstrate autonomy about one and a half times higher than those of previous models with Intel CPUs, Borchers’ reaction is quite understandable.

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