Some time ago, the Chia Coin cryptocurrency appeared, for the production of which not video cards or processors, but drives are used. The trouble is, in the case of SSDs, the mining process actually destroys the drive, and in just a few months.


Of course, where there is demand, there will be supply. Sabrent has announced a line of Plotripper solid state drives focused specifically on Chia Coin mining. In this case, it is determined by only one indicator – the resource.

The youngest Plotripper model, with a volume of 2 TB, is characterized by a TBW (total number of written bytes) of 10,000. its 54,000 TBW. For comparison, for conventional mass SSDs of a similar size, this figure lies in the range of 500-3000 TBW.


For example, the popular 2 TB Samsung 980 Pro SSD has a 1200 TBW resource. More specifically, Samsung provides a 5-year or 1200 TBW warranty for such a drive. Based on the same calculations, the Plotripper Pro’s warranty should be … 225 years.

There is no data on price and availability yet, as well as other details. Therefore, it is not yet clear whether such SSDs will be of interest to ordinary users, and not to miners.

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