The Apple Mac Pro, which came out almost a year ago, was only lazy and could not be compared with a grater. However, such a design was usually not called bad, and some attribute it to the upcoming iMac.

The design of the cheese grater could extend to the iPhone as well.  Apple already has such a patent

How about making the new iPhones look about the same? If someone thinks this option is impossible, then you should know that Apple is at least considering it as an option. This is indicated by the corresponding patent issued to the Cupertino giant.

According to the patent, this design will provide better cooling to the components due to the free flow of fresh air. And this, in turn, can increase the performance of the SoC. In addition, the weight of the device will be reduced.

True, you will have to forget about protection from water, and in general, such a solution for a smartphone seems extremely impractical, since any moisture can get inside and a lot of dust will certainly get inside. On the other hand, Apple could implement an iPhone in such a design without through-holes in the case, but then it would be just a design. As always, this is only a patent.

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