There is more information about when to expect completely new processors and video cards from AMD. The source reports that the CPU on the Zen 4 architecture, as well as GPUs based on the RDNA3 architecture, will be released around the same time – in the fourth quarter of next year.

The completely new Ryzen processors and Radeon video cards will have to wait a long time

In the case of processors, this coincides with the previous data on the Ryzen 7000. But this is the first time we see such information about video cards.

It turns out that the Radeon RX 6000 line will be relevant for more than a year, although this does not mean that AMD will not release any updated adapters.

Recall that Ryzen 7000 processors will switch to the 5 nm process technology and socket AM5, and there is very little information about RDNA3. A number of rumors and leaks indicate that the first multi-chip Radeon GPUs will see the light within this architecture.

As for the source, an insider recently released the first details of the new Radeon Pro and shared information from AMD’s Computex announcement prior to the event.

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