The Chinese company ZMI has officially unveiled the new external battery ZMI 20 Power Bank, the main distinguishing feature of support for 120W ultra-fast charging. True, it is immediately worth noting that at the moment, there is exactly one gadget on the market that can recharge with such power – Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Extreme Edition.

According to preliminary data, in the upcoming 2021, we will have at least five devices with similar power. The capacity of the power bank is a mighty 25,000 mAh. This amount of energy is enough, for example, to recharge the iPhone SE (2020) eight times.

There are two USB-C and one USB-A port for connecting charged devices. The total output power of the device can be up to 200 watts. The ZMI 20 Power Bank itself only supports fast-charging up to 65W. An external battery can reach 60% of the charge in an hour, and it will take 2 hours to charge it fully. In the meantime, Russian voice assistant Alice has learned to dispense original toasts.

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