DxOMark lab specialists have finally tested the camera of the foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. We can say that the smartphone failed the test since its camera shoots in the same way as the OnePlus Nord, which is much cheaper.

The total score of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 was 109. This is even less than the flagship of the 2019 Xiaomi Mi 9 and the Google Pixel 4a smartphone, which has only one camera sensor. In the photo test, the Galaxy Z Fold2 scored 108 points, in the video test – 102 points, and when shooting with a zoom – 63 points.

DxOMark: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 foldable camera disappointed

The laboratory specialists noted good exposure and color rendering during photography. However, autofocus and multiple artifacts have become a serious disadvantage of this smartphone.

As for video shooting, the smartphone has a fairly wide angle of view when shooting wide and good white balance and stabilization.

All in all, if you’re only after a great camera setup, then the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is not for you.


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