Tesla Will Create A Dojo SuperComputer To Develop A Full-Fledged Car Autopilot

System performance will exceed 1 exaFLOPS

Tesla decided to acquire a very powerful supercomputer. We first learned about the Dojo project last year, and now Elon Musk has shed some details on this matter.

Tesla will create a Dojo supercomputer to develop a full-fledged car autopilot

The goal of Dojo is to be able to take huge amounts of data in the form of videos, train, and also conduct unsupervised mass training from it. Simply put, it will be a supercomputer for creating a full-fledged car autopilot.

Dojo will be an exaflops-class supercomputer with a throughput of over 1 exaFLOPS. There are no other details about him yet, but the head of Tesla encourages interested specialists to join the project.

Source: Electrek 

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