Tesla has sharply raised the price of Solar Roof shingles, as seen in the online configurator. Last summer, the price for a roof with an area of ​​367 m2 with a solar installation with a capacity of 12.3 kW was $ 54,966 excluding benefits. Now the Tesla Solar Roof configurator shows prices for the roof of the same size from $ 79,938 to $ 100,621.

Tesla raises solar roof prices sharply

The source notes that Tesla’s solar roof sales are finally picking up steam after several years of delays. The number of installations of these home power plants has increased rapidly over the past few quarters. The impulse that changed this situation was the release of the third version of Solar Roof panels, which is cheaper due to optimization and accelerated installation process. Moreover, Tesla continued to refine the product and revised prices down several times. This was last done last summer.

However, the course has now apparently changed. The source clarifies that along with the price hike, Tesla appears to be trying to make the online configurator calculations more accurate by adding a new ‘roof difficulty’ parameter. It is determined by the slope, the number of joints, chimneys and other features of the roof. Complex roof cladding requires more time and materials than simple roofs, increasing the overall cost.

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