As you know, Tesla began accepting Bitcoin as payment for electric vehicles. However, the conditions for buying with cryptocurrency are such that the automaker, in fact, openly says: choosing this option is stupid.

Tesla explains why buying a car with Bitcoin is stupid

To begin with, the manufacturer reminds you that when paying you need to make sure that the digital wallet number and amount are entered correctly. This point is not objectionable. But then everything becomes not so simple.

In particular, Tesla states that the value of the cryptocurrency is unstable, so the price of the car is fixed only in dollars, and the equivalent price in Bitcoin is determined at the time of ordering and is valid only for a certain time interval, the so-called “price window”.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to complete the payment in the amount shown on the payment web page. After the expiration of the “price window”, you need to request a new price and restart the payment process. If the buyer has placed a deposit and the price has changed, he can count on a refund of the deposit, but he will have to re-order. If, in the final settlement, the actual amount converted into dollars turns out to be lower than the price of the car in dollars, the buyer will have to pay extra. If it turns out to be higher, the company will keep the difference for itself.

If the buyer decides to abandon the purchase and return the car, the company is not obliged to return the amount in Bitcoin. In case of any changes in the value of the cryptocurrency, the buyer can only count on the amount in dollars that is indicated in the invoice.

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