TerraMaster’s catalog has expanded its D5-300 direct-attached storage targeting small businesses and home users. It has five 2.5 “or 3.5” SATA drive bays. The maximum storage capacity is 90 TB. To connect to the host, the USB 3.1 Gen1 interface is used, the signals of which are output to the Type-C connector. According to the manufacturer’s estimates, the data transfer speed can reach 210 MB / s in read mode and 190 MB / s in write mode.

TerraMaster D5-300 has five drive bays

The drives in Bays D5-300 can be arrayed or used independently. Supported configurations include RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, CLONE, JBOD, and Single.

The body of the vault measures 227 x 225 x 136 mm and is made of aluminum alloy. Cooling is entrusted to two 80mm fans. The storage costs $ 270.

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