The Delivery Club delivery service team announced the launch of an interesting initiative designed to help Muscovites survive the new requirements during the pandemic.

Tattoos with QR codes started in Moscow

The project was organized jointly with the Everink Tattoo online store. Users can create temporary tattoos for themselves with QR codes for visiting cafes and restaurants.

Tattoos with QR codes started in Moscow

The organizers explain:

Visitors who have had COVID-19 over the past six months or have been vaccinated can place an order for the production of a temporary tattoo with their own QR code in order to freely visit restaurants in Moscow. ”

Tattoos with QR codes started in Moscow

There are six design options in total. The procedure on the Everink Tattoo website is as follows:

  • Select the QR code thumbnail
  • Choose a convenient delivery method and pay for the order
  • After placing an order, a manager will contact you
  • Send your QR code in response to the message, and in 7 days we will deliver your order

The cost of such pleasure is 590 rubles, the kit includes instructions, a film with a finished tattoo and a wet wipe for skin preparation. As promised in Everink Tattoo, such a temporary tattoo will last 1-2 weeks and is not afraid of water.

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