Taiwan’s Cabinet of Ministers has decided to establish a digital development ministry in 2022 to accelerate the country’s digital transformation, advance the digital economy and improve the security of information and communications, according to Minister without Portfolio Yau-hwang Kuo.

Kuo, who has a background in the digital economy, will lead this effort. He said the proposal to establish a new ministry would soon be submitted to the Legislative Yuan (Taiwan’s unicameral legislature) for ratification. The ministry can be created as early as the first quarter of 2022.

Taiwan to establish ministry of digital development

Kuo said the ministry will be tasked with overseeing the information and communication technology industry, building network infrastructure, and managing information security and Internet communications security. In particular, it will prioritize the protection of digital assets in the public and private sectors, and seek to increase public confidence in the use of information services. One of the tasks of the ministry was named the coordination of efforts to build a digital economy through software development. As a result, Taiwan should become “a global center for research and development in intelligent applications.”

Currently, some of the above tasks are distributed between the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Economy, the National Development Council, the National Communications Commission and other ministries and departments.

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