Surprisingly Genius Uses for WD-40: Uncovering Practical and Unexpected Applications

Jane Francis | October 18, 2023

WD-40 is like that trusty friend who’s always got your back. Besides its well-known uses such as cleaning tools, making those stubborn wheels glide, and silencing those annoying squeaks, it has a bunch of other handy tricks up its sleeve. Ever thought about prepping your car for a frosty morning or keeping those pesky bugs at bay in your garden? We’ve rounded up some awesome ways you can use WD-40, showcasing just how versatile this little can really is. Let’s explore the many ways this wonder-product can make life a tad easier and save you a bit of time and cash!

Wanna Melt Ice? Easy Peasy!

Those who experience icy winters can relate to the hassle of clearing frosted windows on early mornings. WD-40, known for its water displacement formula, can conveniently solve this issue. Quickly spray it on each window and wipe away any excess.

The result? Ice-free windows allowing for a few extra minutes of sleep. No need to rely on shoveling snow or traditional methods, as this lubricant offers an efficient solution.

Drinks Spilled? No Sweat!

Eradicating beverage stains from hardwood surfaces can greatly enhance their appearance. To effectively remove these marks, try using WD-40. Simply spray the solution onto the stain and wipe it clean. You’ll soon discover that this versatile product makes stain removal a breeze.

Gum on Your Kicks? Sort It!

It’s common to feel annoyed when stepping on chewing gum while walking. Waiting for it to fall off naturally is not an effective solution. Utilize WD-40 to easily remove the gum. Apply the spray around the affected shoe area, and experience a gum-free walking experience.

Phone Screen Messed Up? Try WD-40

WD-40 is an excellent solution for numerous DIY tasks. One practical application is to improve the appearance of cracked phone screens. Although it may not completely remove scratches and cracks, it can certainly enhance the screen’s appearance. To use WD-40 for this purpose, apply it to the screen and gently remove excess oil with a soft cloth.

Dirty Shoes? Freshen ‘Em Up!

Eliminate persistent stains on different types of footwear, including boots, shoes, and tennis shoes, by utilizing WD-40. This versatile product not only removes stains that defy traditional cleaning methods but also imparts a waterproof property to the shoes.


To achieve the desired results, simply apply the WD-40, and then gently wipe away with a cloth or towel. The outcome will be impressively clean and well-protected footwear.

Crayon Marks? Gone in a Snap!

For those with young children, crayon marks on surfaces like floors, walls, furniture, and countertops can be quite an ordeal. Instead of spending precious time scrubbing with sponges and paper towels, consider using WD-40.

Simply spray the WD-40 over the offending crayon marks, wait a few seconds, and then gently wipe them away with a rag. Not only is this method quick and efficient, but it can also be applied to other stubborn messes like paint, scuff marks, and hair dye stains.

Wax & Glue on the Carpet? No Biggie!

To effectively tackle candle wax or glue stains on carpets, WD-40 is a reliable solution. Briefly spray the stained area with a small quantity of WD-40, allowing it to penetrate for a few moments.

Once it has soaked in, utilize a sponge to gently clean the carpet, lifting the residue with ease. This method ensures a clear and spotless result without the need for home remedies.

Lipstick Mess? Clean Sweep!

Lipstick, although an essential makeup item, can be bothersome when it accidentally stains clothing. Fortunately, you don’t need a specific stain remover—WD-40 can effectively extract the vivid hues.

Utilize WD-40 as a pre-wash treatment, allowing it to rest on the impacted area before washing the cherished attire. This method is confident, knowledgeable, and simple to employ, making lipstick stains removal a hassle-free task.

Windows Need Shine? Gotchu!

Maintaining a spotless appearance on surfaces such as windows and mirrors can be a challenge due to water stains. However, utilizing a product like WD-40 can effectively combat this issue. By spraying the problematic areas with WD-40, you can easily clean them and achieve satisfying results.

This technique is particularly useful on windows, where water stains are common and difficult to remove. With the appropriate method and tools, keeping windows and mirrors pristine becomes a simple task.

Toilets Sparkly Clean!

Toilets are notorious for being difficult to clean, and traditional methods often fall short of delivering a truly spotless result. However, using WD-40 can significantly improve the toilet cleaning process and achieve better results with less effort. 


This versatile product can be applied to the toilet bowl, effectively removing stains and grime. An added bonus, WD-40 can even tackle persistent candle soot, leaving surfaces looking pristine. Give it a try next time and witness the impressive results yourself.

Tiles? Make ‘Em Shine!

A simple method for maintaining spotless tiles, especially on cultured marble, involves using WD-40. To transform your tiles with ease, spray WD-40 on the surface and follow with a wash using soapy water. The results will leave you astonished by the noticeable cleanliness and shine.

Stuck Ring? Slide It Off!

When wearing rings for extended periods, one might encounter challenges in loosening them. Attempts to remove a stuck ring using soap or vegetable oil may not always be successful. Instead, try using a small amount of this product, and witness its effectiveness in loosening the ring quickly and painlessly.

Filters? Keep ‘Em Dust-Free!

Efficient air conditioning relies on clean filters, whether in central or individual units. To alleviate dust buildup in filters, apply WD-40 to the surface. This assists in preventing the majority of dust particles from settling, ensuring optimal AC performance with minimal maintenance for artificial plants.

Lawn Mower Stuck? Not Anymore!

A common issue with even top-quality lawn mowers is the accumulation of grass clippings underneath, resulting in a jammed system. This disruption requires stopping the mower and manually removing the grass. However, there’s a simple and effective solution to prevent this problem.

Just apply a specific spray to the mower’s underside before and after each use. This practice will keep your lawn mower functioning smoothly, without the hassle of dealing with stuck grass clippings.

Silver’s Sparkle Back with WD-40

WD-40 is more than just a tool for easing tight screws or stopping door hinges from squeaking. Surprisingly, it also serves as a silver polisher. Antique enthusiasts can benefit from this function by simply spraying WD-40 on their cherished silverware and gently wiping it down with a cloth.

Make Outdoor Chalk Last in Rain!

Enhance the longevity of your outdoor chalk art by applying WD-40. After completing your artwork on pavement or sidewalk, give it a spray of WD-40. This simple trick ensures your masterpiece remains waterproof and vibrant for a longer duration.

Quickly Loosen Zippers

To unstick a stubborn zipper, apply a small amount of WD-40. Aim the nozzle at the zipper’s pull, then gently move the zipper back and forth. As the spray penetrates deeper, the zipper will begin to glide smoothly, as if it were brand new. This technique is quick, efficient, and can revitalize a stuck zipper without hassle.

Legos Won’t Stick? Fix ‘Em Up!

At times, dismantling a Lego creation might be challenging. Instead of being frustrated with stuck Lego bricks, simply apply a small amount of WD-40 to the plastic pieces. This technique will make separating Legos easier, allowing for a fresh start on your next project.

Bugs on Your Ride? See Ya!

During summer, car grilles often collect a multitude of dead insects. To avoid constantly cleaning your grille after driving through areas with high bug populations, try using WD-40. Simply spray it on the grille to remove any dead bugs.

Additionally, applying a thin layer of WD-40 can help prevent future bug buildup. This versatile solution keeps your car looking clean and saves you time.

Bird Feeders on Lock!

Defend your bird feeders from uninvited visitors such as squirrels, mice, and pigeons by applying a slick coating to the central pole. Use WD-40 to create a slippery barrier, deterring the critters from climbing up and reaching the feeder. 


This method not only preserves the bird food for your desired guests like parakeets, but also prevents damage to the feeder itself.

Shine Up Those Fishing Things

In the world of fishing, enhancing the effectiveness of lures is a sought-after practice. One surprising method is to polish lures using WD-40, resulting in shinier and potentially more efficient lures for attracting fish.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to acknowledge the environmental impact of this approach. While the technique can be employed, it is advisable to exercise caution, as WD-40 can pose a threat to marine life by releasing toxins into the water.

Tangled Fishing Lines? Untwist ‘Em!

Fishing enthusiasts often face the challenge of entangled lines. Instead of discarding them, WD-40 can be a solution. Simply spray the tangled area and use a pin to loosen the knots, saving both time and resources.

Barnacles? Bye Felicia!

Boat owners often struggle with barnacle buildup in marine environments. These nuisances cling to boat hulls, causing drag and increased fuel consumption. One simple method for barnacle removal is by applying WD-40 around the affected area.

This technique provides an efficient solution for maintaining the boat’s performance without making any exaggerated claims.

No Skipping on Your Vinyls!

Vinyl record collections have made a comeback in today’s digital age. However, many enthusiasts face the issue of scratches causing skips during playback. To tackle this problem, simply apply a small amount of WD-40 lubricant to the record and gently clean it with a soft cloth. This method will help ensure a smoother and uninterrupted listening experience for your favorite tunes.

Keys on Piano Dirty? Clean Up!

To maintain your piano’s pristine appearance, consider using WD-40 as an alternative to vinegar home remedies. Over time, keys may gather grime and debris, but WD-40 can effectively remove this buildup. To do so, lightly spray the product between the keys, taking care not to over-apply.

Hairbrush Looking Nasty? Clean It!

Maintaining the cleanliness of a hairbrush can be a challenging task. Fortunately, WD-40 can simplify the process. Simply spray the hairbrush with WD-40 and use a comb to glide through the bristles, effectively removing entangled hair.

No Splinters from Wooden Handles!

For gardening and DIY enthusiasts, dealing with splintering wooden handles on tools can be a nuisance. Fortunately, applying a versatile product like WD-40 can significantly improve the situation.

By simply spraying the product onto the wooden handle, its smoothness will be restored, ensuring your hands remain free from splinters as you work with the tools. This solution not only protects your hands from discomfort but also extends the lifespan of your beloved wooden-handled tools.

Make Scissors Shine with WD-40

For those using scissors in their creative endeavors, they might become difficult due to sticky residue accumulating over time. Instead of purchasing new scissors, applying a small amount of WD-40 into the gaps and tiny areas will refresh the tool. After cleaning it, the scissors will deliver smooth and easy cuts, improving their usability.

Keep Leather Couches Looking Fresh

Using a gentle solution like WD-40 for treating leather can be beneficial for maintaining its appearance and longevity. Leather furniture items such as sofas or chairs can benefit from this treatment to prevent them from cracking.

To achieve the desired results, simply massage a small amount of the product onto the leather surface using a soft cloth. This method will help keep your leather chairs or other furniture pieces soft and smooth looking.

Glasses Stuck? Not for Long!

In the event of glasses getting jammed post-washing, their interesting properties come into play. When exposed to warmth and humidity, glass naturally expands, leading to this situation. To avoid breakages, refrain from applying excessive force.

A convenient solution is applying a small amount of WD-40 between the stuck glasses. Due to its effectiveness in loosening tight rings, it easily tackles the task of separating glassware by breaking the bond between the two.

Faded Plastic Chairs? New Again!


Faded plastic furniture can be revitalized during the summer season with a simple trick. Applying WD-40 spray to the worn-out pieces and wiping them down can effectively restore their appearance. This straightforward method brings a fresh and polished look to your backyard party setup.

Old Wax? Wipe it Off!


Winter sports enthusiasts appreciate the significance of waxing snowboards and skis for a smooth, rapid glide over snow. Over time, wax accumulation can impair the equipment’s efficiency. Effortlessly eradicate built-up wax by utilizing WD-40, a simple and effective solution.

Mildew? Not Today!

WD-40 can effectively remove hidden mildew patches in refrigerators. This versatile product not only eliminates the unpleasant fungus but also prevents its future growth. To apply, simply spray WD-40 on the affected area and wipe it clean.

Tar Stains? Nope!

Owning a vehicle brings the inevitable challenge of dealing with unsightly black streaks at the bottom, caused by tar on the roads. Fear not, there’s an efficient solution: WD-40. Instead of laboriously scrubbing, simply spray WD-40 onto the affected area.

Allow it to rest for a few minutes, then gently wipe away the stains. This method saves both time and effort, maintaining your car’s cleanliness and attractiveness with minimal hassle.

Rust? We Don’t Know Her!

When dealing with rusty objects like locks or tools, WD-40 can be a highly effective rust remover. This solution can break down even stubborn rust, potentially saving items that may have otherwise been discarded. 


Surprisingly, it can even remove rust from kitchen knives. So, whenever encountering rust on household items, consider using WD-40 to restore them instead of discarding them.

Sticky Price Tags? Roll Them Off!

Eliminating bumper stickers and price tags from the back of a car can be challenging. Often, these stickers tear, leaving a difficult-to-remove sticky residue. Instead of attempting to scrape the residue with your fingernails, try using WD-40.

This versatile product simplifies the peeling process and helps remove stickers, sticky residue, and even duct tape residue with ease. The outcome leaves surfaces clean and adhesive-free, sparing frustration and potential damage to your vehicle’s paintwork.

Make Digging a Breeze!

For those starting a backyard garden, using a shovel may be more challenging than expected. To alleviate the strain and improve the digging process, try applying a non-stick solution to the shovel’s surface.

Spraying the shovel with WD-40, for example, will prevent mud from sticking to it, allowing the dirt to roll off effortlessly. This simple trick will make gardening tasks more manageable and less exhausting, all by ensuring your shovel performs optimally.

Wasp Nests? Nope!

Wasps and bees can often be a nuisance, especially if they decide to build nests in unwanted areas. To prevent wasps from creating nests in the first place, consider using a versatile product like WD-40 as a repellent. Effective against bugs and insects, it can be applied in potential nesting spots to deter wasps from settling there.

Since WD-40 is waterproof, it remains effective for a long time, requiring only one annual application in ideal locations for wasp nests. By utilizing this method, it is possible to maintain a wasp-free environment and reduce the need for drastic measures like nest removal.

Bye Slugs & Snails!

To effectively deter slugs, snails, and insects, apply WD-40 on the exterior of your plant pots. These pests have a strong aversion to this substance, keeping your plants safe and thriving. The waterproof quality of WD-40 ensures that it will remain on the pot’s surface even after rainfall.

Make Showerheads Last Longer

Applying a small amount of WD-40 can significantly lengthen the lifespan of a showerhead. This simple yet effective maintenance technique aids in keeping the showerhead functional and efficient for a longer period.

Bye-Bye Thistle Plants!

Weeds, like thistle plants, can hinder the growth of your garden. Thistle plants can be challenging to remove due to their sharp thorns; however, you don’t need gloves to tackle this issue. 


A handy solution is to use WD-40 as a weed killer. Simply spray it on the thistle plant and watch it wither away in no time. Once the plant has died, its removal becomes effortless and safe, allowing you to restore your garden’s beauty.