Spark Connected has unveiled Beast 2.0, the industry’s first 15W wireless charging solution that meets the latest Qi standards and is designed for in-car use.

Spark Connected has the industry's first 15W wireless charger designed for in-car installation

Spark Connected recalls that its 2018 Qi v1.2.4 compliant Beast 1.0 is the industry’s first reference design to be CISPR-25 Class 4 certified for in-car electronics. It is now used “in millions” of vehicles around the world.

Beast 2.0 is taking over the baton, providing customers with an easy-to-integrate solution that claims to deliver best-in-class safety features and a wide range of input power supplies, enabling continuous charging while stationary, at engine start, and on the move. The manufacturer notes that the detection of foreign objects in the range of the charger is improved compared to other solutions on the market, thereby increasing users’ safety. The advantages of the novelty also include support for secure authentication.

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