Sony has introduced an unusual portable speaker with a candle lamp. The LSPX-S3 is available for pre-order from the Sony website at 349 dollars (about 25 800 rubles).

Illustration: Svetlana Chuvileva / Media

First, about the column. Inside is a 46mm speaker, and the glass bulb acts as a tweeter. There is a passive radiator for low. The sound is omnidirectional, so you can install it anywhere.

In the Sony branded application, you can adjust the sound with an equalizer. Supported codecs SBC, AAC and LDAC. Several speakers can be combined into a stereo pair, and the battery life will be about 8 hours.

And now about the lamp. 32 levels of brightness, which can be controlled using both touch sensors and through the app. You can turn on the sync blinking to the beat of the music. Not a JBL Pulse with all the colors of the rainbow, but not bad either.

Keep in mind that this is not a work or reading lamp, but rather a small flickering candle-shaped LED to create atmosphere and mood.

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