Sony has launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for an unusual Motion Sonic device. It is a wearable bracelet-like device that has nothing to do with sports, health or anything like that.

Sony Motion Sonic - Experimental Bracelet for Musicians

Motion Sonic is a product for musicians, and its essence is easy to understand by watching the video below. We can say that the combination of a bracelet and a mobile device is an effect processor, and the bracelet itself is an element of control of this processor. Through gestures and movements that Motion Sonic reads, the user can change the sound in various ways: change the key, add various effects, and so on.

It works with any instrument that can be connected via USB or 3.5mm audio jack. At the same time, the Motion Sonic application exists only for iOS, that is, you need either an iPhone or an iPad.

Sony Motion Sonic - Experimental Bracelet for Musicians

Sony notes that it still has only a demonstration prototype, and the release of a serial product will depend, among other things, on financial capabilities. Now the campaign has collected only 4% of the required amount, but this amount is small – $ 79,000.

The device itself is offered for a minimum of $ 220. If all goes well, the first bracelets will be shipped to customers next March.

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