Sony Is Preparing Next-Generation VR Headset

Sony’s recently posted recruitment announcement mentions Sony is developing “next generation VR headset”

Japanese manufacturing giant Sony has a lot of worries about the imminent launch of the next-generation PlayStation 5 game console. Recently it was revealed that Sony is also working on a new virtual reality headset.

Sony’s recently posted recruiting announcement mentions that Sony is developing a “next generation VR headset.” Unfortunately, the announcement does not mention the PlayStation, so it is unknown if the device will support the PS5. Sony previously stated that the existing PlayStaion VR headset is compatible with PS5 consoles.

Sony is preparing next generation VR headset

Sony is looking for 15 professionals to work on the design of the headset, as well as people who will be responsible for heat dissipation, testing and other issues related to this device.

The source says that the development of the headset is still at an early stage.

Source: Gizchina

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