Sony expects great success from the PlayStation 5. The console is expected to surpass PS4 sales of its lifetime. Nonetheless, PS4’s impressive 116.4 million user base will remain the primary driver of PlayStation business revenue through 2023.

It's too early to give up on PlayStation 4: Sony confirms PS4 will be critical until 2023

In a recent investor meeting, Sony Interactive President Jim Ryan detailed how critical the PS4 is to Sony’s continued success. The company expects the PS4 to have the most impressive “history” of any PlayStation console, and the PS4 will provide 70% of PS Store spending in fiscal 2022.

While the PlayStation 5 should start making profits soon, Sony expects the PS4 to continue to top-selling through 2023.

Sony has previously stated that it plans to support the PlayStation 4 until at least 2023, and perhaps thereafter it may continue to release games with support for this generation of consoles.

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