The information appeared on the network that the cooperation between Sonos and IKEA in developing smart speakers continues. As you know, in 2019, the partners presented the first model of the Symfonisk line. According to new information, two more models will soon be added to this line. They are already listed on the FCC database.

Sonos and IKEA Develop New Smart Speakers for Symfonisk Line

A common feature of the new products will be integrating a second function, allowing them to fit well into the interior. So, one of the speakers will at the same time be a table lamp (in fact, this will be an update to an already produced device shown in the illustration on the left). The second column will be more interesting in this regard. The leak categorizes it as a hidden column in the form of an art object. It is unknown exactly what lies behind this wording, but with a high probability, the column will look like a picture in a frame or a picture that the user can frame in a frame of his choice.

The first model is expected to cost approximately $180. The price of the “painting” is still unknown.

Without going into details, Sonos introduce confirmed that the companies are jointly developing something new.

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