Against the backdrop of the sudden popularity of pop it and simple dimples, other anti-stress toys began to gain traction, although no one paid attention to them for years. In this article we are talking about snaps.

If you missed it, here’s an article about pop-ity and simple-dimples:

Snapers are expander toys with two suction cups inside. As soon as you squeeze the toy, the suction cups stick together with a characteristic click. Press on the other side – they are pasted with a different sound. Antistress, happiness, everything.


SNAP PERZ🔈🔈I found them y’all! #fidgetshoping #snapperz #slime #fidgettoys #asmr

♬ original sound – Nichole Jacklyne 🌈✨

Snapers appeared early last year, and no one paid attention to them. Now everything has changed: pop it and simple dimples are starting to get boring, users are looking for alternatives and stumble upon this miracle.

In addition, this toy develops fine motor skills and strengthens the muscles of the arm.


#simpledimple #snapperz #snaper

♬ original sound – univermag_toys

And, of course, toys have gained popularity thanks to TikTok. They began to be compared to pop it and other anti-stress drugs.

You can buy snaps both on AliExpress and on many Russian sites. Stores are picking up trends quickly.

Like pop-ites, snaps are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Choose whatever your heart desires and calm your nerves.

Many, on the other hand, believe that all these anti-stress toys are bullshit. More annoying with their sounds than soothing.

There is a video on our channel where Valya unpacks pop-ity and does not understand why they are needed: