This month, Qualcomm unveiled a new flagship SoC (System-on-Chip) Snapdragon 888, which will be installed in flagship devices next year.

Now there are no devices on the market that work under the new chip’s control, but everyone is interested in what is there with the performance. The company decided to share tests and does not even hide that the new product is weaker than last year’s Apple A13.

The performance of the central processor Snapdragon 888, compared to the Snapdragon 865, increased by 25%, the frequency can reach 2.84 GHz. The Adreno 660 graphics adapter renders graphics 25% faster.

A plate with the results of testing Snapdragon 888 in various benchmarks

Further, synthetic tests of CPU, GPU, and neural processor. The Antutu benchmark, which has long been no longer a reference, the chipset a new record – 735,439 points. For comparison, the Kirin 900 scored 661,059 points and the A14 638,841 points.

Single-core and multi-core chip testing. Bigger is better

In the more “presentable” Geekbench 5, the novelty Qualcomm takes first place among all the chips. For Android devices. Yes, Snapdragon 888 was weaker than last year’s Apple A13 and new A14.

Graphics test with frames per second. Bigger is better

The graphics test also showed the superiority of the last two generations of Apple chips. But in the tasks related to artificial intelligence, Snapdragon 888 won.

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