The share of smartphones equipped with a single camera in the total sales of smart cellular devices is rapidly falling, while the share of devices with three or more rear cameras is growing rapidly. This is evidenced by the results of the Omdia study, which leads the resource GSMArena.

If at the beginning of 2018, smartphones with a single camera accounted for more than 60% of sales, then by the end of the third quarter of this year, this figure was less than 15%. Moreover, in the assortment of some companies, such as Realme and OPPO, devices with a single main camera are rarely found.

Simultaneously, the rear camera of which contains four sensors, took first place in popularity among consumers according to the results of the third quarter of this year. For example, in the total sales of Xiaomi handsets, these models accounted for more than 60%. Devices with three cameras are also top-rated.

The devices equipped with a triple chamber are also in great demand. As for Apple devices, among them, the iPhone models with a dual camera prevail.


Apparently, the share of smartphones with a single camera will continue to decline for the foreseeable future.

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