Google has announced the launch of the YouTube Shorts service in beta mode for Russian users.

TikTok competitor from Google: YouTube Shorts short videos come to Russia

This feature was introduced last year in India and the US and has proven to be very successful. It is designed to compete with the super popular TikTok short video sharing service. According to the developers, daily short videos are gaining over 6.5 billion views around the world.

Starting today, July 12, 2021, Google is starting to gradually launch YouTube Shorts (beta) in Russia. In addition, more features are planned to be added, taking into account the opinions of authors and performers.

Since the launch, YouTube Shorts have allowed you to shoot multiple videos and combine them into one, record videos with music, and change the recording speed. Over time, it became possible to add text to certain parts of the video, make audio samples from other Shorts clips, process such excerpts and insert them into your short videos, add automatic subtitles, record clips up to 60 seconds long, and so on. In addition, from now on, YouTube Shorts contributors can sample audio from regular YouTube videos.

In Russia, the National Digital Aggregator has already become the official musical partner; it is planned to gradually expand the music library. YouTube Shorts (beta) will be available to all Russian users within a few weeks.

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