PlayStation exclusives will continue to come to PC – this is the official position of Sony. According to the latest data, the company is currently preparing several ports at once.

Several Sony exclusives are preparing to hit the PC.  But apparently there is no Bloodborne among them.

A well-known insider announced that he is aware of several games that will be ported to the PC. At the same time, Bloodborne is not among them, although there were many rumors about the release of this game outside the PlayStation.

Unfortunately, the insider did not specify exactly which games are being prepared now to lose exclusivity. At least we can definitely talk about one thing – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Information about its release on PC was contained in the spring report from Sony. There were also earlier rumors about the possible release of God of War and The Last of Us on PC.

As for the source, we are talking about an insider and developer Lance McDonald (Lance McDonald), who at one time, for example, was the first to say that the PS5 has no major backward compatibility problems, and was also the first to raise the problem of the consequences of a dead PS4 battery.

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