The asteroid Apophis is probably the most famous among those for which there is or was at least some tiny risk of collision with the Earth.

The bottom line is that this is a fairly large asteroid that periodically meets from our planets and is classified as potentially dangerous.

Apophis flew past the Earth on March 5 at a distance of about 16 million km, which allowed astronomers to clarify its characteristics, as well as the parameters of the orbit. And if previously there was a tiny chance of colliding with the Earth during one of the future encounters, now scientists believe that our planet is not in danger for at least the next 100 years.

The next meetings of Apophis with the Earth will take place in 2029, 2036 and 2068, and in all cases we can feel safe. New observations made it possible to reduce the uncertainty of the orbit of a celestial body from hundreds of kilometers to several kilometers. Moreover, in 2029, the astroid will fly at a distance of only about 30,000 km from the Earth, that is, closer to a number of satellites. It is so close that it can even be seen with the naked eye. The asteroid itself has a diameter of about 325 m and a mass of about 270 million tons.

Scientists have ruled out any risk of collision of the asteroid Apophis with the Earth in the next 100 years

It is also worth noting that at the moment astronomers have not discovered a single space object that has any significant risk of collision with the Earth on the Turin scale, although initially a number of objects had a level above zero. Including at one time such was Apophis, who received 4 on the Turin scale.

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