As it became known, SberBank’s ATMs now have the ability to return expired plastic cards for recycling. If such a card is inserted into an ATM, it will notify the owner of the expired service period and offer to send it for processing. If you agree, the card will remain in the ATM and go for recycling.

At the moment, this function is already supported by 10,000 ATMs, and by the end of the year their number will increase to 33,000. So far, only Sberbank cards can be sent for recycling through ATMs.

SberBank ATMs now accept plastic cards for recycling

Our goal is to provide services without harm to the environment, increasing the awareness and awareness of our clients about the ESG agenda. We have launched a service for returning expired cards at ATMs. This is how we integrate sustainability criteria into our daily activities and encourage our clients to behave responsibly. SberBank, whose services are used by more than 100 million people, has unique capabilities for collecting cards for recycling, and I am sure that our initiative will make a huge contribution to plastic recycling throughout the country.

Sergey Maltsev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Sberbank

According to the Bank of Russia, by April 1 of this year, about 300 million bank cards were in circulation, and they are used less and less, given the proliferation of contactless payments using NFC devices.

Usually people throw away plastic cards with household waste, but they are made of a complex type of plastic that cannot be recycled with other plastic products, as it can damage expensive equipment. Therefore, they must be collected separately.

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