According to reputable Reuters, citing reliable sources familiar with the matter, Samsung will ditch the Galaxy Note series in 2021. Although rumors have been circulating for some time now, some sources suggest that Samsung will still release another generation of “big” flagships. However, a reputable agency thinks otherwise.

Reuters claims that the Korean company has no plans to develop a new Galaxy Note. It is assumed that their niche will be occupied by smartphones of the Galaxy Z Fold series, which will offer users support for the S-Pen, but will not be equipped with a digital pen. One of Reuters’ anonymous sources claims that the team that previously worked on Galaxy Note devices will now develop foldable smartphones.

More and more leaks hint that the Galaxy S21 will receive support for the proprietary stylus, and the older Galaxy S21 Ultra will be equipped with such a digital pen. Thus, the feasibility of releasing smartphones of the Galaxy Note series is reduced to zero.

The current Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was unveiled in August this year and received conflicting reviews. The fact is that the base model of the series at an impressive price of $ 1000 is equipped with a display with a low refresh rate of 60 Hz and is packed in a plastic case, which many users do not associate with the understanding of a premium product.

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