We talked about Samsung’s plans for QD-OLED technology a year ago. As a reminder, QD-OLED is a hybrid of OLED panels with quantum dot technology.

Samsung TVs on brand new panels may come out in the fall.  The company will soon receive prototypes of QD-OLED devices

Sources say that the first prototypes of such a TV will be released in June. Prototypes for Samsung Electronic, Sony and a number of other companies will be supplied by Samsung Display. They will be used for technical testing and evaluating product prospects. In addition to TVs, prototypes of the corresponding monitors will also be created.

If everything suits the companies, the first TVs with QD-OLED panels could be presented as early as the third quarter. At the same time, if last fall Samsung Electronics was not interested in QD-OLED panels, but now its management has changed its mind, but on the condition that Samsung Display can increase production capacity.

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