Samsung has tried to prove that the Galaxy S7 is not a phone. A funny situation happened in Africa. The Korean giant tried in court to prove to the South Africa Revenue Service (SARS) that the Galaxy S7 cannot be called a mobile phone.

Samsung tried to prove in court that the Galaxy S7 is not a mobile phone.  To get back some of the taxes paid

Samsung did this in order to get a refund of taxes levied on phones in this region. Samsung’s position was that the Galaxy S7 is primarily a universal device for Internet connectivity, social media, music and games, not traditional voice calls, and therefore does not qualify for the classification of conventional mobile phones. Samsung even brought in the testimony of IT specialist Jacques Van Wyk, who made the above statements.

Unfortunately for Samsung, the court sided with SARS, stating that although the Galaxy S7 does have many features not related to communicating via cellular networks, the latter is also present in the device, like all other features typical for conventional mobile phones.

In addition, the judge added that the attempt to redefine the Galaxy S7 as a laptop or mobile PC was hypocritical.

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