Samsung Electronics appears to be planning to launch its P3 semiconductor line earlier than expected amid the global chip shortage that is plaguing the world.

The South Korean tech giant will launch its P3 chip line earlier than planned, according to TheElec. This was announced by the president of EcoPro HN, a Samsung supplier.

Samsung has asked EcoPro HN to deliver its filter products by December 2020 instead of the previous deadline, which was set around early 2022. This was announced at the EcoPro conference earlier this week.

Samsung to launch P3 semiconductor line ahead of schedule to meet shortage

As such, the consumer electronics maker plans to launch its P3 line of chips three months earlier than planned due to the chip shortage issue that has affected various industries and companies around the world. The P3 is the brand’s third chip production line at the Pyeongtaek plant in South Korea, which began construction in the second half of last year.

Unfortunately, it is currently unknown how much the company spent on the P3 line and its production facilities. But sources close to the matter argued that Samsung could use the line to manufacture memory chips, as well as contract chip manufacturing for other firms.

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