The Korean company Samsung has expanded its line of stylish, colorful Bespoke home appliances with a new compact wireless vacuum cleaner Bespoke Slim. The novelty is based on an engine with a digital inverter, the suction power of which is up to 150 aerowatts.

The model is equipped with a brush with fine and soft bristles, which is capable of making up to 1500 rpm. According to the manufacturer, the new product has become 20% more efficient than the previous generation model. In normal mode, the vacuum cleaner can work up to 50 minutes, in active mode – up to 25 minutes. There is also a maximum performance mode, although in it the Bespoke Slim will “run out” in 5 minutes.

An LED display is provided with which you can find out the current status of the device and the charge level. Samsung Bespoke Slim is available in white, yellow and green body colors. The model has already gone on sale in its homeland, Korea, at a price equivalent to $ 495. Meanwhile, the Russian brand has presented a tablet for less than 8,000 rubles.

Source: Samsung

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